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If you have pictures or video that you’ve taken of the robot that you’d like to share, send them my way and I’ll post them on the website. I’m happy to credit you if you like.

You can follow the robot on facebook, just search for Robot Dance Party. He is also on twitter as @RobotDanceParty and instagram as @robot_dance_party. I always announce where I'll be showing up next.

Hope to see you at the next dance party!

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The robot is available to DJ at your party! You can plug him right into your iphone, android, mp3 player, whatever you want. And he's wireless so you can pass the music player around, or plug it directly into your own sound system! No matter what music comes out of him, you can bet he’ll be dancing to it. He also comes with a microphone for announcements and for karaoke. Children and adults alike enjoy the robot, check out these testimonials from happy clients:

"I've had the pleasure of hosting private parties with up to 500 guests and every time Robot Dance Party performs, that's one of the things that every person points out as a highlight!"
-Mustafa Khan

"We hired Robot Dance Party for my 3 year old's birthday party at Precita Park. I don't know who loved him more - the parents or the kids?! It's been 2 weeks and my friends are still talking about our awesome party. Bonus that the robot played a lot of 80s/90s music (They Might Be Giants, etc) that the parents loved. I don't know how I can outdo this for number 4."

"You'll want to have Chris, AKA the Dancing Robot at your next party. We had seen him in Dolores Park one sunny afternoon and my daughter loved him. Actually, he was a surrounded by kids and adults alike. She was only two at the time but when we started to plan her third birthday, she specifically mentioned wanting the dancing robot. We were able to track Chris down from a friend who said he had a website and had hired him previously. When we called to inquire, he was into it so we had him come to my daughters third birthday party. He played music and danced for about an hour which was just the right amount of time. The kids all had fun and so did the adults. His pricing is fair and he was very reliable. I'd hire him again."

"Having the robot dance parties at the 2013 Treasure Island Music Festival was a great fit and a lot of fun! The audience loved the interacting and breaking it down with this unique and eclectic duo. From a production stand point, they were professional, timely, and grateful to be a part of the festivities. I would recommend them for nearly any festive occasion and look forward to working with them in the future."

“Chris is a great person to work with—who knew there was such a professional guy under that dancing robot?! He’s a huge favorite of our staff and of Nightlife guests. We love having such a quintessential San Francisco character at our events.”
-Meg Napoli, Nightlife Program Manager at the California Academy of Sciences

"The robot was a dance floor staple at our recent 80’s tribute concert - CHUBFEST. Not only did he rock out, but he rocked out in a one-of-a-kind, custom pair of Chubbies Shorts. Our guests loved his tunes, his dance moves and – of course – his dapper outfit. We’d be stoked to have him back for any and all future events!"

"We enlisted Robot Dance Party as the entertainment for our “Out of This World” themed wine club member appreciation event. He was the life of the party and was a HUGE hit with our members! There was not a person in the house who wasn’t smiling as they watched the Robot bust a move on the dance floor and much of our typically shy crowd even got up to join- even before they had consumed multiple glasses of wine! Our members were able to choose the songs he played from an extensive playlist which was a really fun feature. Not only did the Robot add a tremendous amount of fun to our event, Chris was excellent to work with. He was very professional and friendly and our entire staff really enjoyed working with him. We highly recommend Robot Dance Party!"
-Stephanie Raymond, Jessup Cellars

"When robot dance party appeared at the door of my 10 year old's birthday party jamming to rockin tunes, jaws dropped, wild laughter and dancing erupted! It's not easy to impress pre-teen boys in this day and age of high tech, but lo-fi funk and favorite songs blasting from the belly of the bot sure did the trick! Grown ups become kids again too, I promise. You can't help but dance along! The wizard behind the curtain is super friendly, super cool and super flexible (in more ways than one!) He had a tight schedule and still managed to mosey down our way. So if you're looking for a way to shake it up, call on Robot Dance Party to make it happen. You won't be disappointed! He simply rocks!!"
-Liz Overheul Curry